Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Magical Mystery For...Lush Lovers

I love that Lush creates all-natural products in small batches with little to no packaging. I also love that all of my toiletries can be found in solid forms at Lush (this means no packaging at all, plus no preservatives to deal with). I love Lush's knot wraps and scents and sense of humor. Really, this post could be just a long list of what I love about Lush, but there is a point to me writing it, I promise.

Lush is releasing a new product line called Emotional Brilliance, but they won't say what Emotional Brilliance is. The site page shows a picture of a woman shushing us. Her lips are a bright pink, and the same color spells "passionate" on her finger. Her nails are painted nude. That's it, except for a link to this music video by Lush's "resident chanteuse" Mira:

The only clue to what the product is comes at 2:50, and is a shot of bottles in multiple colors with the Lush logo and small black tops. Guesses have included bath dyes, eye shadow, lip stick/gloss, hair dye, room scent, and nail polish. My money is on nail polish. What do you think?

UPDATE (SPOILER ALERT): A quick Google search search shows that Emotional Brilliance is a full make-up line based on color therapy. Some people are excited, some not so much. Apparently Lush used to have a make-up line called B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, detailed here. Honestly, I hope the Emotional Brilliance line is more toned back, as a big draw for me to Lush is the simplicity and versatility of its products. I guess I'll just have to wait until July 21 to find out.