Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Wedding Planning

My sister (very thoughtfully) gave me a wedding planning book for my birthday, as I'm engaged, but the very thoughtful gift is making me think way too much, and now I'm starting to go a bit wedding-crazy. Not in a bridezilla way, but just in an overwhelmed, frustrated kind of way.

So to distract from the frustration, and the fact that my brain is too tired to write a funny post here, I present the weekly wrap-up:

Things I Wrote:
A review of different reusable egg carton options. There are actually a lot more of these than I thought there'd be, but they're kind of hard to find.

Things I Thought Were Great:
A Teavana store opened in my area. I'm in morning cuppa heaven.

Things I Did:
I made my own homemade lotion. The recipe still needs a little tweaking in my opinion, but the resulting lotion bar was perfectly usable in the meantime.

I took this fun picture of the in-laws' dog:
He wants to steal the raw-hide that's right in front of his face (despite appearances, that's not a dildo), but he knows he's being watched. I love watching little doggie brains try to work around problems.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Betty White May Be an Evil Genius

Hey friends,

Remember how Betty White experienced a huge surge in popularity due to social media like Facebook and Twitter? And remember how that got her the chance to host some shows, guest star in others, and become a go-to pop culture reference? And did you see how that got leveraged into a huge birthday tribute that was almost as big as the Golden Globes?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you probably saw the show right after Betty White's birthday dinner where she led a legion of elderly in tricking, pranking, and taking advantage of the young(er). Nothing too terrible happened, at least not in the first episode, but I imagine that senior citizens will be less and less content to remain the early-birding, constant-voting, benign old people they are today.

Scariest of all is the fact that Betty White (and her super-secret white-haired think-tank) used a young person's tool kit to overtake a young person's world. They've turned our own technology against  us. And that is why Betty White may be an evil genius.