Friday, August 17, 2012

The Internet Has Made Me a Creeper

The other day I was going through my Google Reader when I watched this video about an interesting use of a small space:

I generally like the fair companies flicks on small spaces, but this one was particularly intriguing because Monica Potvin (the woman who shows us around her home) seems like such a personable, fun lady. I honestly want to fly to Spain and invite her to dinner.

So, since I have no money for airfare, instead I did a quick search, hoping she had a blog I could follow. I understand that reading someone's blog and being friends with them are different things, but it is a stepping stone where you can start to know someone. Sometimes you just end up reading what they write, other times they fall off your radar, and in rare circumstances you make a new friend.

Anywho, I just wanted to learn more about this cool chick, but I found out she doesn't really keep a web presence. She has a Facebook account, but that would be creepy for me to friend her, right? And she runs Matteria, a design store focused on the European market, but other than  a brief bio, there's no sign of her on the site. So here I sit, feeling unnaturally limited by the world wide web.

The thing is, I have a hard enough time making friends. I feel like I come off as weird, loud, and flaky. Adding creepy to the list does not make me feel good.  I suppose I could never hit 'publish' for this post, and no one would have to know, but I know, and I also know that if I've had this problem, so have other people. So let's get together and discuss; how do you make friends on the internet, and real life, without entirely scaring them away?

Also, I really do have a problem with being flaky. Weird is just a part of my personality, being loud comes from being nervous, and the level of creepiness is all in the approach. So are there any suggestions to help me become a firm baked good rather than a flaky one?

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