Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Wedding Planning

My sister (very thoughtfully) gave me a wedding planning book for my birthday, as I'm engaged, but the very thoughtful gift is making me think way too much, and now I'm starting to go a bit wedding-crazy. Not in a bridezilla way, but just in an overwhelmed, frustrated kind of way.

So to distract from the frustration, and the fact that my brain is too tired to write a funny post here, I present the weekly wrap-up:

Things I Wrote:
A review of different reusable egg carton options. There are actually a lot more of these than I thought there'd be, but they're kind of hard to find.

Things I Thought Were Great:
A Teavana store opened in my area. I'm in morning cuppa heaven.

Things I Did:
I made my own homemade lotion. The recipe still needs a little tweaking in my opinion, but the resulting lotion bar was perfectly usable in the meantime.

I took this fun picture of the in-laws' dog:
He wants to steal the raw-hide that's right in front of his face (despite appearances, that's not a dildo), but he knows he's being watched. I love watching little doggie brains try to work around problems.

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