Sunday, October 23, 2011

Other Stuff I Write

As I hope you can all tell by the frequency of posting here on Writer Extroidinaire, I spend a lot of my time writing for other sites as well. If you like what you read here, you should check out my other blogs. If you don't like what you read here, at least click on the links so I can pretend that I have some readers. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Here I write about the wonders and joys of composting. I firmly believe that everyone in the world should compost as much as possible, and that every municipality should have some sort of composting program going as part of their standard waste management.

My blog on how to get to zero waste in easy, teeny, tiny baby steps. We all could use a little less waste, clutter, and annoyance in our lives, so why not join me on my journey to zero waste?

I guest blog on this site. It's random crazy fun which is loosely centered on the concept of the messy transition to responsibility and adulthood.

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