Sunday, October 30, 2011

(Warning: Stolen Idea!) Weekly Wrap-Up

I read this great blog by The Bloggess, and every week she does a weekly wrap-up. I think this is an awesome idea because it lets me see all the other stuff she's written during the week, which I love because she's a hilarious, talented, and surprisingly poignant writer. I entirely recommend that you check out her site, but please keep reading my stuff, okay?

I have decided to blatantly steal the idea of a weekly wrap-up for three reasons. The first is that it will hopefully help generate traffic for all the different sites I write for. That is especially important these days because all the sites I write for are new and run entirely by me (who has no advertising budget), so I'd love it if word got around and people actually started visiting them. The second reason is because I fantasize about being the kind of writer who is published in so many places and so often that her readers are super-grateful to have one place to go to see everything that she's done. That sounds kind of egotistical, but I'm not going to erase it because it's not that bad of a wish, particularly because if I were that kind of writer I wouldn't have to supplement my income with yard work, e-bay sales, and survey-taking.

The third (and most decent) reason for stealing the idea of a weekly wrap-up is that I've mostly given up on writing about things I don't care for, and now invest a lot of my time into crafting articles about things I love, truly believe in, or think are too hilarious not to share. I spend a good part of my week researching and writing for blogs and sites that spread information that makes the world a better place. I know I'm considered a bit of a crazy lady for composting, going zero waste, making everything I can from scratch, and adopting almost every dog I see in need of a home, but I think all of these things make the world a better place, both for me, and for future generations. And one day, when I'm able to write things that entertain, inspire, and spread joy, I'll be just as glad to spread the word about them too, because what's the point of saving the world without making it a more fun place as well?

So, without further ado, here's the weekly wrap-up. While I wasn't here, I was:
I was also doing some other stuff, but it doesn't involve fun links, or even information that should be shared on the interwebs, so you'll just have to guess at the mystery of my life.

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