Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spelling and Presents

At this point my imaginary readers are pointing out that "extroidinaire", in Writer Extroidinaire is spelled wrong, and should be spelled "extraodinaire" (at least according to Google), but to that I say there are those awful little red squiggly lines under either version of the spelling, and that the standard spelling was already taken as both a website and a Blogger blog. So be happy with what you have, non-existent readers.

I haven't decided if in the future when I have flying monkeys to do my bidding I want to remedy the situation. Perhaps the odd spelling of extroidinaire will become my trademark. Or maybe through my future fame as a writer (watch your back, Hemingway!) I can standardize the spelling to extroidinaire instead of extraordinaire.

Spelling issues aside, my birthday is coming up, and I'm already making my greedy little plans. I want all my stuff on my Amazon wishlist, plus for everyone I know to compost, and for all my problems to go away. Most realistically though, I want some cake, Amazon gift cards to feed my kindle with, and a new pair of glasses (the prescription I have now is super old). If everything goes really well, I suppose someone would get me a couple of flying monkeys too.

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